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We are proud to announce a new partner Pro Action Dance and share an amazing dance challenge with you this week. Tyler Scott from SLT created an INCREDIBLE mix for Pro Action Dance, and world renowned choreographers Mina and Marina Ortega, Oscar Hernandez, Rob Rich, and Shandon Perez ALL have collaborated to deliver the most INNOVATIVE dance challenge routine for individuals at home FOR FREE!!!

There is so much wrapped up in this mix and routine that I wanted to take the time to share with the details with the spirit community. This collaboration brings together so many talented individuals putting their creativity out on film and sharing it with anybody that it inspires during this challenging time.

Sounds Like That (SLT) founder, Steve Stettler and Pro Action Dance (PAD) founders Mina Ortega, Marina Ortega, Dan Wilson, and Millie Wilson have all worked together and have been close friends for over 20 years. Since PAD was formed in 2009, SLT has been creating innovative remixes for that inspire iconic routines taught at the PRO and PREP clinics by Mina Ortega, Marina Ortega, Shandon Perez, Oscar Hernandez, Rob Rich, John Peters, Andy Vaca and more! If you are not familiar with these names, google them! They have all created HIT routines performed by just about every NFL, NBA, and Collegiate Dance or Cheer team. To learn from the prestigious individuals is a unique opportunity… Jump on it!

Tyler Scott created this mix and he has been killin’ it with custom music for The Lab, J-Lo, Ciara, and Collegiate Hip Hop teams such as LSU, UNLV, and Louisville. Tyler has changed the game in Hip Hop competition mixes since the whole “licensed music” thing went down. His unique breaks stand out and have caught the attention of all competitive teams and top choreographers.

We hope that you perform this dance on football fields and basketball courts around the world with your teammates in front of fans again soon. We all can’t wait to see you workin’ these 8’s on social media as a solo or with your team.


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